Fayth Bishop

Fayth Bishop
June 9 – July 22, 2021


Generously Sponsored By: Ben Pettigrew and Miranda Lux Foundation
Age, at time of Internship: 16
CIT Intern: Summer 2021
Restaurant Host: Nyum Bai
Wraparound Program: Oakland Unified School District OUSD
Intern’s Story: Fayth grew up in Oakland in circumstances that obliged her to take care of her family at the young age of 16. As she made dinner for the family, she realized that the creative process brought her incredible satisfaction. When her school counselor told her about Sprouts’ Chef-In-Training Program she jumped on the opportunity. She is thrilled to work under the mentorship of a successful female chef at Nyum Bai and aspires to follow in her mentor chef’s footsteps and start her own local restaurant one day


To the Sprouts Community, I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity and this experience. This whole internship has been a joy for me and it has given me the confidence that I need to follow my dreams to start my own restaurant. I would also like to thank you for taking the time to have an interview with me and being a very nice and calming organization.