Asmae Hamidi
Chef-In-Training Alumni

Spourts Cooking Club

Generously Sponsored By: Bacon and Beer Festival
Age, at time of Internship: 16
CIT Intern: Fall 2014
Restaurant Host: Delfina
Wraparound Program: San Francisco Conservation Corps
Asmae’s Story: Asmae immigrated from Morocco as a young teen, and spent her first year in the US struggling to make ends meet and sometimes finding herself without a bed at night. Over time, she was able to find stable housing and enrolled herself in basic vocational training and language classes through government-sponsored programs. She was determined to build an opportunity and decided to apply for the CIT program so that she would be able to use her passion for food to create a stable job for herself. She had no formal experience cooking and yet found herself excelling under the tutelage of her mentor chef, Anthony Strong.
After Sprouts: “I hope to practice everything I learned from the culinary program in my daily adult life. Also, I’d love to be a well known chef!”


“I love learning. I am full of vitality. Kindness is my real strength. I want to be self sufficient, to not rely on other people but to know how to do things by myself and live my daily adult life easily.”