Christina Septien
Chef-In-Training Alumni


Generously Sponsored By: Ansel Family Fund
Age, at time of internship: 17
CIT Intern: 2015
Restaurant Host: Boulevard
Wraparound Program: Ralph J Bunch Continuation School
Favorite Dish: If she had to choose… the risotto!
Christina’s Story: ​Christina grew up in an Oakland, in a neighborhood where, as she says, ‘You need to watch your back.’ At an early age, her father left the family, which instigated a long line of emotional and financial issues. When her brother had an unexpected child a few years later, Christina took a year off of school to help the family pay their rent and grocery bills.
Proudest Moment: The time she helped plate for the banquets, and when she got to prepare the Boulevards, the restaurant’s signature appetizers.
Future Goals: Plans to start working, using her new cooking skills to look for restaurant jobs! She wants to help out her mom and become more independent.


“Before this internship, I was a really shy person, but now I find it really easy to talk to strangers. I feel that working at Boulevard really helped me break through my shell!”