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Our team keeps us serving our mission every single day!

Job Description:

Take off that formal attire and get ready to team up with top Bay Area chefs and case managers to help youth experiencing hardship change their lives around by securing culinary jobs. 

Chef Training Program Overview

We help Bay Area youth experiencing hardship achieve stability and financial autonomy through life skills coaching and ​restaurant internships. Youth pair with chef mentors and case managers to develop the skills needed to secure and maintain a culinary job. Since 2012 dozens of youth have used their skills to get off the streets, pay for higher education, become chefs, access new professions, or support family members.

We believe in a Bay Area where all youth have access to fulfilling career pathways.

Your Role:

As a Sprouts Chef Training Manager, you will run our Bay Area chef training program by working intimately with youth experiencing hardship, local mentor chefs, and social work life success organizations. You will recruit for, onboard, and guide Chef Training interns through their life success journey. You will serve as a mentor, life guide, and cheerleader for youth as they complete their restaurant internships and transition out of the program. You will capture the impact and improve the programming through data and survey collection.

Personal & Professional Growth:

Both your personal life balance and professional growth are important to us. We believe that one needs to be fulfilled and happy in order to make a positive impact in the community. We will work closely with you to determine personal and professional goals and a timeline of action items so that you grow through your work within the community. This is an important opportunity to forge a network of top chef talent and nonprofit leaders. You will also have the opportunity to forge marketing and writing skills as you share the interns’ stories with community members. 

You will also enjoy full autonomy and work with upper management to make key decisions on the Chef Training strategic plan and impact goals. You will discuss your progress to Sprouts’ Executive Director in weekly email recaps and bi-monthly video check-ins. Not only will your leadership and project planning skills be honed, but you will learn all about the nonprofit world and program execution. As a small nonprofit, your voice will be heard and your opinion will be sought after! You will see first-hand, the many moving variables of a thriving, growing structure. 

Sample Tasks:

  • Outreach to current restaurants and schools to introduce yourself and establish connections
  • Provide guidance and logistical support to Chef Training interns 
  • Plan for and help execute Sprouts’ March fundraising gala with honorary guests Alice Waters, Michael Pollan, and Dominique Crenn 
  • Draft introduction paragraphs for each intern on Sprouts’ website
  • Coordinate with Sprouts’ volunteer photographers to take photos of each Chef Training intern at their host restaurant
  • Raise awareness for the Chef Training Program
  • Work with Google Suite, surveys, and online tools to establish and reinforce program structures and systems such as stats collection and program protocol
  • Work alongside popular chefs and restaurants to place Chef Training interns and monitor their progress

Skills and Requirements:

Strong organizational skills; shared cultural values; cheerful and social disposition; excellent time management; flexibility with hours; good written and verbal communication; familiarity and comfort with technology; proficiency with Google Drive; strong interpersonal skills; interest in community, children, chefs, nutrition, and cooking; high energy; optimism; enthusiasm for Sprouts’ mission; initiative; independence; and ownership of tasks. 2+ year commitment to the role.

Locations and Hours:

Work hours: 20-40 hours per week, remote or Bay Area-based

  • Hours are flexible based on your preference. Intern interviews, recruitment fairs, and restaurant stage check-ins require some flexibility. If local, you can choose to travel to restaurants, schools, nonprofit offices in San Francisco and East Bay.  

Commitments and Contract Period:

Starting Date Window: January 4th to January 11th


  • Starting at $25/ hour with opportunities for promotions
  • Paid Holidays
  • $100-$250 monthly health care stipend

How to Apply:

We can’t wait to review your application! Please send the following to us at [email protected]:

  • Resume
  • Cover letter that explains why your skillset, interests/goals, and past experiences are pertinent to the position

Qualifying applicants will be asked to complete a brief trial assignment + team culture exercise.

The Vision

A Bay Area where all youth have access to fulfilling career pathways.

The Mission

We help Bay Area youth experiencing hardship achieve stability and financial autonomy through life skills coaching and ​restaurant internships.

Core Beliefs

1  Jobs change lives

       a. financial freedom, purpose, community, self-worth 

2  Kitchens heal 

     a. Kitchen teams are family

     b. Food is relatable, inviting, and rewarding

     c. Progress is tangible 

     d. Kitchens foster community service

     e. Culinary skills lead to countless career pathways

3  It takes a village

     a. Partnerships with employers, youth help organizations, and financial coaches are essential to the long term success of youth experiencing hardship 

Our Team: 

Executive Director, Operations Director, Marketing Director, Development Director, WordPress Assistant, Accountant, Chef Training Manager, Culinary Instructors, 5 Board of Directors, 9 Advisory Members, community volunteers, and professional chefs.



  • “Volunteering with sprouts was an awesome experience. Very smooth volunteer process, I’ve done it several times and get the right amount of reminders. Upon arrival, their operations director provides an overview of the program and then kids start arriving. The chefs always are excited to work with the kids and we always make such delicious foods and learn so much about cooking and health. It’s always awesome to see a shy or nervous child’s personality emerge while cooking. Sprouts is doing really amazing and necessary work in our community.”

    Casey A
    Event Assistant
  • “I felt that even in my short summer with this organization, I had made a large impact for many. My time with Sprouts Cooking Club has been challenging, equipping, and growing.  As an intern, I enjoyed dipping my hands in the many moving parts of this living and growing organization. It was a real joy and I hope to collaborate with Sprouts in the future!”

    Tiffany Xu
    Founder's Assistant
  • “The summer I spent interning with Sprouts was an extremely formative and engaging. Being able to enter a workplace where people are just as passionate and excited about food and the power it has in bringing people together as I am was amazing and really exciting. As soon as you join the team you are trusted with responsibilities and are made to feel like your opinions and work count for something in the larger organization. Working with a collaborative team was very helpful as I was able to gain real-time feedback and work through my tasks with the diverse perspectives of my team. Working with Sprouts has not only provided me with working experience but a community with a network that I know I can rely on.”

    Isabel Ling
    Office Assistant


We can’t wait to review your application! Please send the following to [email protected]:


Cover letter 

Application Process: Screening virtual interview. Second virtual interview. Trial Assignment. Final vitual interview.


mailing Address

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South San Francisco 94080

(510) 680-3614