August 2016

Sprouts’ Chopped Cook-Off: For Kids!
August 26, 2016

Sprouts' Chopped Cook-Off: For Kids!  Compete at the restaurant of a former Chopped Champion! Lucky us! Chopped Champion, Chef Mark Liberman, has invited... Read More
Fall Fruit Cobblers!
August 26, 2016

Fall Fruit Cobblers! In this class, we'll be whipping up some sweet cobblers featuring seasonal fruit! Learn the secret to the perfect cobbler topping. Plus, we... Read More
Sprouts’ Labor Day Crash Course!
August 26, 2016

Sprouts' Labor Day Crash Course! Master the Art of Grilling - Just In Time For Labor Day! Come hungry to this class! Aspiring... Read More
Torch Crême Brûlées!
August 26, 2016

Learn how to make creamy Crême Brulées! Bring a taste of France to the Bay Area and come join us in making…

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Pumpkin Souffles!
August 26, 2016

With fall in the air, we’ll be bringing out the pumpkin (and the spice)! Aspiring bakers will get a chance to…

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Bake with Chef Crystal of Tartine Bakery!
August 25, 2016

Bake with Chef Crystal of Tartine Bakery! Whip Up Scones and Jam with A Tartine Twist! Learn the secrets of making Tartine-bakery... Read More
About Our Chef Partners
August 4, 2016

About Chef Olivier Siad Nutrition and Wellness Consultant. One of the East Bay’s popular culinary personalities, Olivier Said is the co-founder... Read More